Research and development

Seed Quality

           Alamdar Seeds continuously strives to supply high quality lucerne seeds to the growers. Quality Aassurance at Alamdar Seeds Pvt. Ltd. is the strength in our corporate strategic plan.

> The lucerne seed crop is harvested when matured fully, threshed under strict isolation and graded with the help of special grading machine under strict supervision and after quality testing and thereafter it will be packed in different packing sizes.

> A great deal of importance is paid given to market high quality standard seeds. The processing is performed by a double grading farming process followed by a procedure of attractive packaging (1.0 and 2.0 kg). Regular supply of high quality seeds is maintained as these packs are packed together in double sack plastic pack of 40kg during transit.

> The seed quality laboratory has been one of the strong focal points of this company. Development of in-house skills coupled with internationally accepted protocols have helped to ensure supply of high quality standard seeds.

Seed processing: The company has got separate processing unit equipped with different types of separators. The graders are used to separate the seeds according to the size, which includes laboratory model grader.

Seed testing: This forms the hub of quality control activities. Seed is tested for moisture physical purity, size, germination, and seed health.

Moisture testing: Moisture influences the viability and appearance of seed hence it is very important to test the moisture content of the seed before packing. The moisture content is determined with the help of moisture meter and expressed in terms of percentage.

Seed purity:
Maintenance of pure varietal seeds can be done by isolation distance of 400 meters for maintaining the genetic base of the population. We are producing seeds under our own supervision and if requires take the help and guidance of forage specialist and experts in seed production. Utmost care is taken while threshing of the seed to minimize contamination by other variety and weed seeds.

Seed storage :
The company has both temperature controlled and an ordinary warehouse as per the technical specification with a sufficient capacity of conditioned storage. Temperature and relative humidity is maintained as per the crop requirements and seeds are packed under dehumidifying condition in an air tight containers.

Investment in research:
Automatic Seed Processing plant for maintenance of quality lucerne and other seeds. We have constructed rat proof go-downs to store lucerne and cluster bean seeds. The creation of a farmers training and a conference hall with allequipped with audio and video facilities/. is in the offing. The In cluster bean and forage sorghum research substantial investments have been made in research to enhance product range and simultaneously add depth to generate new varieties suited to expanding market needs.

Customer resource centre:
Quality fodder seed is the basic requirement for higher forage production and successful dairy business. We disseminate forage production technologies to the farmers and advise them to grow perennial lucerne Alamdra-51 variety to obtain maximum green forage production for three years and optimize the quantity of concentrate requirement to the milch animals for enhanced profit in dairy industry. Moreover, Alamadar-51 remains in the field for 3 years which is cost effective crop cultivation. This variety has higher digestible protein complementing milk production and maintains the milk fat. We provide complete production technology of Alamdar-1 and Alamdar-51 in form of pamphlet literature and askrequest them to contact us if any problem encountered by them fromin field related to sowing, fertilizer, diseases, pest and weed. We also help community Gaushalas and animal camps by supplying seed at reduced rate and arrange fodder supply also.