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      In India, the area under cultivated fodder crops is only 4.4 % of the gross cropped area. At present, the country faces a net deficit of 61.1 % green fodder, 21.9 % dry crop residues and 64 % feeds. The total livestock population of 485 million heads, which is about 15% of the world's livestock and is having 16 % of human population to be sustained on approximately 2 % of total geographical areas of the world. The available land is being used for arable farming and food production so there is a tremendous pressure on the availability of feed and fodder. The total cultivated fodder cropped area in India was 8.265 million hectares and among forage crops, lucerne or Alfalfa is being grown in 1.0 million hectare and its green fodder productivity was 60-130 tonnes per hectare. 

lucerne is without doubt the king of all fodder crops grown worldwide is deep-rooted perennial legume suited to dry land and irrigation systems on a range of soil types across variable climatic conditions. Its main production periods are winter, summer and monsoon producing high protein, highly digestible feed whether it is for cultivating, grazing or haymaking. In India, lucerne can be sown as a cultivated crop either alone or in some circumstances under sown in mixed grain crops like wheat, mustard.


Lucerne major benefits: an exciting and profitable crop to grow:


High quality forage

High dry matter

Perennial nature

Suitable in salt affected area

Nitrogen fixation

Moisture stress tolerant

Variety of uses

cash crop

Deep root system


"Alamdar" was initially started as M/s. Khoja Habib Mamad by Mr. Habib Mohammed Bhimani (Khoja)  in 1932 at Nagalpur, KUTCH. (India) Before this venture, he learnt a lot of things related to forage crops andto Alamdar Brand under supervision of Mr. Haji Akbarali Habib Bhimani, an Award Winner "Bharatiya Udhayog Ratna Award" for research achievements in lucerne. The proprietor Mr. Khoja Habib Mamad, who was a merchant at the beginning, was mainly interested in the development of rural population by giving some new ideas. Under whose visionary and impeccable ambitious guidance and fore sight of beloved father Late Mr. Akbarali H.Bhimani, who was a visionary entrepreneur, we have been able to create a place for ourselves in the market by supplying of best quality forage lucerne and vegetables seeds. Mr. Mohammed Riyaz and Mr. Zahid Husain, the heirs of Mr. A. H. Bhimani, have expanded the lucerne seed activities achieved significant presence of lucerne seed market.

Established in 1932, Alamdar Seeds (AS) has created an enviable reputation of trust by providing quality Cuscuta free lucerne seed along with package of practices to lucerne growers. Alamdar Seeds has a team of experienced cultivated lucerne seed advisers from Gujarat, chain of retailers and traders in Northern, Central and Southern India. We have developed two lucerne varieties: Alamdar-1; seasonal as well as annual purpose and Alamdar-51 is for perennial cultivation with presence of distributors in different states of India.

We are committed to provide the best quality Cuscuta free lucerne seeds along with the suitable agronomic advice to achieve required outcomes. lucerne production can be influenced by climate variations/conditions but should never be affected by variety and seed quality. For quality lucerne seeds variety either Alamdar-1 (seasonal/annual) or Almadar-51 (perennial-3 years) is available from local seed retailer/distributor or Alamdar Seeds directly.



ALAMDAR : Success Ladder

Preliminary lucerne selection was made from the local material "KUTCHI Rajka" . Superior plants survived over years were isolated. After rigorous testing on the basis of biomass yield and persistency, variety was popularized amongst farmers. Mass selection method of plant improvement was practiced. The selection criteria were better plant growth, early vigor, high biomass, good persistency till third year and better fodder quality. After first cutting, good persistency up to third cut without crown damage and plant mortality was other criteria.

By our constant untiring efforts, we were successful in developing high yielding annual and perennial lucerne varieties "Alamdar-1" and "Alamdar-51" respectively. We are in the service of the lucerne farming community through supplying lucerne seeds to lucerne growers. We ensure Cuscuta free lucerne crop. The Alamdar lucerne varieties seed production program is undertaken in Gujarat State of (India) characterized by wide climatic variations which provided in-situ selection opportunities of material for wider adaptability. This is evident from the fact that these varieties have earned the confidence of farmers and grown all over the western region of India and farmers in Northern and Southern states also prefer our varieties over others. Both the lucerne varieties have more digestible protein due to more number of leaves, juicy succulent shoot enhancing milk productivity in addition to sustained animal health.


Our philosophy :

Better seed quality, ensuring a Cuscuta free crop and timely seed availability is our punch line which make place for our enterprise in the heart of farmers and trading community. We never compromise in quality of lucerne seeds. Maintenance of pure seeds is done through isolation distance of 400 meters for maintaining the genetic purity of the material. We are producing seeds under our own supervision and if requires seek the help and guidance of forage specialist and experts engaged in seed production. In our endeavours to constantly produce superior quality seeds as evidenced by continuously increasing seed demand from various parts of India.


Organizational structure : 

Our beloved father late Shri A.H.Bhimani, was the pioneer of 'M/S. Khoja Habib Mamad' company and and developed both the lucerne varieties "Annual lucerne Alamdar-1 and Perennial lucerne Alamdar-51". Our company brand name is "Alamdar Seeds". We are selling the lucerne seeds under the brand name of "Alamdar Seeds" and it is famous not only in Gujarat state but throughout the India. At present, the son of Shri A.H. Bhimani, Mr. Mohamad Riyaz Bhimani is the Managing Director while another son Mr. Zahid Husain Bhimani is the Director of the company "ALAMDAR SEEDS PVT. LTD." The location the company is Near Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank, At & Post. NAGALPUR, Ta. Anjar Dist.KUTCH, GUJARAT, India. PIN -370132.